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Siemens Scalance X-300

Siemens Scalance X-300

The SCALANCE X-300 product line comprises compact Industrial Ethernet switches for constructing electrical and/or optical line, star and ring topologies operating at data transfer rates of 10/100/1000 Mbps.
Product variants
SCALANCE X-300 is available
with integrated electrical and optical Ethernet ports
as a partially modular version with four integrated electrical Ethernet ports and two modular slots for 2-port media modules
High-speed media redundancy through integral redundancy manager both for Gigabit Ethernet (SCALANCE X-200, X-300, XM-400, XR-500) and Fast Ethernet (e.g. in combination with SCALANCE XB-200 switches)
Seamless integration of automation networks into existing corporate networks since numerous IT standards are supported: Setup of virtual networks (VLAN)
Redundant integration into higher-level networks thanks to support for standardized redundancy procedures (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)

Integrated system diagnostics with PROFINET, SNMP access, integrated web server, SINEMA Server or SINEC NMS, and automatic email transmission function for remote diagnostics and signaling via the network


SCALANCE X-300 products enable the establishment of networks both at the field level and at the control level where high data transfer rates are required in addition to high network availability and extensive diagnostics facilities. The switches are designed in degree of protection IP30 for installation in control cabinets.