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Siemens Scalance X-200

Siemens Scalance X-200

The managed Industrial Ethernet switches of the SCALANCE X-200 line are optimized for setting up Industrial Ethernet networks at data transfer rates of 10/100 Mbit/s in a line, star or ring topology.
Integrated redundancy manager for constructing Fast Ethernet ring topologies with fast media redundancy.
Electrical or optical connection to stations or network in accordance with the port type of the devices.
Rugged metal housing in S7-300 format for mounting on standard rail, S7-300 standard mounting rail or for direct wall .
mounting in various positions.
Rugged, industry-standard station connections with PROFINET-compatible RJ45 connectors that offer additional strain relief and bending strain relief thanks to latching on the housing.

Redundant power supply.
Diagnostics on the device by means of LEDs (power, link status, data communication).

Error signaling contact with easy adjustment using the SET button.
PROFINET diagnostics, SNMP access, integrated web server and automatic e-mail transmission function for remote diagnostics and signaling via the network.

The SCALANCE X-200 Industrial Ethernet switches permit cost-effective configuration of Industrial Ethernet line, star or ring topologies with switching functionality for networks in which high availability or remote diagnostics options are required.
The SCALANCE X204-2FM (Fiber Monitoring) especially makes it possible for you to detect changes on the fiber-optic cable connection early and initiate maintenance work.

The devices with IP30 degree of protection have been designed for use in the control cabinet. The SCALANCE X204-2TS and the SCALANCE X204-2LD TS (Transportation Systems